Core Logic has released their newest housing market update for May 2017. In the below overview we have included a summary of Core Logic’s overall analysis of the property market. We’ve also included their Brisbane housing market video below along with a transcript. Australian Housing Market Overview This month has seen somewhat of a downward slope


As a Brisbane investor myself, it has been a difficult 5 years watching both Sydney and Melbourne property prices take off, as I am sure it has been for many others. There is always the teasing headline every so often in the media and from experts that it is Brisbane’s time to shine and this


Believe it or not, Brisbane now has a suburb with a median priced of $2million. According to CoreLogic the inner city blue chip suburb Teneriffe now has a median house price of $2.05m. Seventeen homes have sold in this tightly held suburb in the past year, pushing it’s median price up  7.9 per cent in the past


One of the most popular types of articles for people looking to invest, is the arguments for and against property, shares or bonds and even leaving your money in the bank. While many like to quote the performance of the housing market vs the share market over the last 3, 5 or 10 years etc,