Alderley Suburb Review (Brisbane, Queensland)

About Alderley

About Alderley:

The north side suburb of Alderley is only 7 km north of the Brisbane CBD (central business district). The nearest suburbs to Alderley are Newmarket in the south, Ashgrove and Enoggera in the west, Grange and Stafford in the east, and Kedron and Everton Park in the north. The suburb got its name from Alderley Edge, located in Cheshire, England.

There are several heritage-listed sites in Alderley including Strathearn, Farrington House and Newmarket Brickworks Chimney.

Alderley public transport

Public transport:

Residents going to the city can take the train at Alderley station. The suburb is also serviced by buses, including the 345 express bus and the 343 super-express bus, which runs at peak hours and has no stops between Newmarket and the city.

Entertainment in Alderley


Several fantastic parks can be enjoyed by residents including Alderley Grove Park, Banks Street Reserve, Bermingham Street Park, Greenhills Park, Grinstead Park, Quarry Park and Sedgley Park.

For more fun activities, Stafford City Shopping Centre offers entertainment arcades and AMC Cinemas.



Despite having no schools within Alderley, there are several options in nearby suburbs, including Newmarket Primary School, Enoggera Primary School, Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School, Wilston Primary School, and others.

Nearby suburbs, mainly Enoggera, are offering childcare facilities, such as Mother Duck Child Care and Pre-School Centres, Enoggera Child Care Centre, South Pine Road Child Care Centre and Tiny Town Child Care and Kindergarten.



Montserrat Day Hospitals in Gaythorne is the closest hospital to Alderley. However, there are numerous private clinics and doctors in the suburb, including Alderley Clinic on South Pine Road.



A variety of retail shops, including a Bi-Lo supermarket (one of two remaining in Brisbane’s northern suburbs) and numerous convenience and takeaway stores are easily accessible. Residents can also easily access major shopping centres including Brookside and Stafford City.


Real estate profile:

Although an older suburb, Alderley is luring in young couples and families who are looking to restore older-style homes. The percentage of homes that are being rented and being purchased are 40.4% and 34.2%, respectively. The remaining 25% are fully owned. Of these homes, 74.9% are stand-alone, 6.8% are flats, units or apartments, and 8.3% are semi-detached, row or terrace/town houses.

Buyers Agents

Alderley Buyers Agents:

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