Brisbane’s housing market is performing well compared with Melbourne and Sydney, thanks in part to steady jobs growth and interstate migration in the state. However, Brisbane’s unit market is underperforming, with unit values down by 3.2% over the last twelve months, compared with house values which are up by 4.3%. We’ve included the Brisbane market update below, along with a


Population growth in Queensland has been in dramatic decline since the highs of the mining boom and property prices have followed suite, with low and slow growth. In the early 2000’s there was a huge amount of jobs on offer from the mining boom that initially attracted interstate workers, with a large number of overseas


Brisbane’s housing market has continued along a surprisingly weak trajectory. Overall growth and residential property values remain healthy, but at a combined capital city level it’s not quite as strong as what it was a year ago. It’s anticipated the market will continue to see values rise, and it’s expected that the rate of growth will continue


Another bank has black listed a range of Brisbane suburbs where they have tightened their lending criteria for apartment buyers. Recently Citi advised brokers of 12 suburbs in Queensland where borrowers would face tougher hurdles to get a mortgage and have to jump through additional deposit hoops and face more stringent practices around cash out loans. The