Brisbane is full of family friendly suburbs with an array of schools, parks and recreational facilities. For young families, finding an affordable home is often an important consideration. If you’re looking to buy a property for your young family these 5 areas of Brisbane are definitely worth taking a look at. 1.  Springfield Springfield is


With leading Economists tipping Brisbane to lead the nation for capital growth over the next few years, I suggest you do your research before jumping on in! BIS Schrapnel has predicted 13% growth for Brisbane out until 2021 and a recent report by QBE Insurance has predicted 11%. Whatever the outcome, it is clear that


Dwelling value growth across Qld remains lackluster with falls over the quarter. Over the third quarter of 2018, Brisbane dwelling values increased by 0.1% while across regional Qld values fell by -0.6%. Brisbane dwelling values increased by 0.8% over the 12 months to September 2018 while in regional Qld values increased by a slower 0.2%.


Despite most areas in Australia experiencing a decline in property values over the past year, the Brisbane property market has remained somewhat stable, and even expericncing reasonable price growth in a number of suburbs. Property values for both houses and units are likely to grow in 2019 with new construction in decline, population growth and